Saroj Khanal at ACCAC Nepal Congress and Culture 2018

Saroj Khanal from Nepal
Actor Saroj Khanal was born in 1963 in Chitwan. He started his acting career since 1987 and rewarded by GORKHA DAKSHIN BAHU in 1995. He debuted in theater with the play “Bhasmasur ko Nali haad” in 1987 / TV Serial “Maun Aakash” in 1988 and in feature with “Bijaya Parajay in 1989. He has acted in more than 50 features, 20 Dramas and 25 TV serials. He is still active in this field with much more promising projects with Mala Arts Academy as a managing director. He is one of the finest actor of our generation and pioneer of Nepali cinema and theater.

Ivo Peeters at AACAC Nepal Congress and Culture 2018

Experiences of Ivo Peeters
Ivo Peeters, Director of the cultural center De Zeyp, located in Brussels and president of the ENCC (European Network of Cultural Centres). Born in 1954, master in Political and
Social science. Ivo has 30 years of experience working at the local level organizing a diversity of cultural and socio-cultural events and projects. In 1994 he cofounded the ENCC and coordinated the secretariat for 10 years as General Secretary.
Being president, he became an expert in networking and project work on the European level. In the last 10 years he developed with his cultural centre an inclusive program with a theatre-dance group for persons with mental disabilities and a mixed theatre group with deaf and hearing actors.

Kim Tae Won at ACCAC Nepal Congress and Culture 2018

Stories and Experiences from Kim Tae Won of Korea
Kim Tae Won from Korea has been working for the Asian developing countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Mongolia, and Nepal with various, different ODA (Official development Assistance) projects such as the improvement of the Educational environments for the local children, providing the medical service for the Sick, Making the Cultural Exchange programs and so on.. especially for the local children to live in better place. And He is also an outreach director to combine the social welfare for all with Accessible mind through understanding the different cultures in globalization. Kim Tae Won is a General Director of Samdong International and a team member of ACCAC Global.



Dr. Shahira Khalil from Egypt
She is the Chief Editor of the most important children magazine in Egypt and the Arab World, ‘Samir’ magazine founded in 1956. Samir magazine has the honor to be the first Egyptian magazine ever caring for people with special needs by offering them a special supplement in the magazine which was published weekly for years.Samir also offered them the opportunity to their positive contribution in the weekly art workshops held in the magazine and publishing their artworks on weekly basis.

Editor in chief of Samir Magazine, Dr. Shahira Khalil will join us on ACCAC Nepal Congress and Culture 2018.



Samdong from Korea

Samdong International is an INGO born in Korea 10 years ago. It was established with the Philosophy called “SAMDONG” – with the means:
1. The Truth is one.
2. The World is one.
3. Human beings are one family.
4. The World is one work place.

Vice President for Samdong International KIM YOUNG JO and advisory member of Samdong NAM KUNG DAN will join us on ACCAC Nepal Congress and Culture 2018.




Ruby Lim-Yang at ACCAC Nepal 2018

Theater for Young Ruby Lim-Yang is the co-founder of ACT 3, Singapore’s first professional theatre company focused on making Theater for the Young.

Her work experience and interest spans three decades in Children’s Theater, drama-based programs, community projects, and work that crosses boundaries into museums, schools, libraries and communities.

ACT 3 International is an arts company that makes work with and for children with the aim is to create positive and useful impact on children through theater and Art.



Greetings from Nepal

Our Goodwill Ambassadors Ms Urussa Joshi and Mr Ajay Adhikari Sushil will greet you with performances of their own. Ms Urussa Joshi is Miss Grand Nepal 2018 and a youth icon. Mr Ajay Adhikari Sushil is a Nepali Folk Song Writer and Singer. Our Goodwill Ambassadors will greet you with local culture of Nepal, the Land of the Himalayas.

Roma Neupane from Nepal

Roma Neupane is a Youth Activist, Dancer and a source of Motivation for so many youths of the country. Roma travels different parts of the country, giving cultural performances and empowering youths across the country. Roma Neupane will be showcasing one of her most loved performances on ACCAC Nepal Congress 2018.

Chaliya Dance from Nepal

Chaliya is a dance form popularly practiced in the far-western Terai belt of Nepal. It is a traditional sword dance accompanying a marriage procession but now it is performed on many auspicious occasions. This sword dance has a history of more than a thousand years and is rooted in the martial traditions of the Kumauni people. Accompanied by war-like music, equipped with swords they dance in a perfectly synchronized manner while engaging in mock fights with their fellow dancers.

Kauda Dance from Magar Community of Nepal At ACCAC Nepal Congress 2018

Kauda Dance from NepalKauda Dance is a traditional dance popular among the Magar Community of Nepal. This dance holds special value amongst the Magars of Palpa, Tanahu, Nawalparasi, Syangja, Lamjung and Gorkha District. There are many forms of Magar dances, those which are performed by Magars all over the world commonly as well as those which are performed regionally by the Magars of a particular region. The most commonly known Magar dances are Maruni, Kauda, Ghatu, Sorathi and Salaijo dances.

Magical Tale From FinlandThe timeless, magical tale of the wistful wallflower Who Will Comfort Toffle? by Tove Jansson will be seen in ACCAC Nepal congress and culture program on December 12-14. It is a unique solo performance to Pirkko Uitto with singing and sign language. Directed by Eero Enqvist.

Reda from EgyptIndependent director Ramy Gheit was awarded for best film of Luxor African Cinema International Festival in March 2014 with the short documentary Reda.

Reda is a peek into the life of upper Egyptian young man with a degenerative brain disorder. It focuses on his passion for music, determination to become apart of the local theatre community and the sheer will of a man, in a society that is still very much unaware of the capabilities of the persons with disabilities.

Meet Dahlia PessemiersAt this moment she is member of an European project about directing inclusive theatre, this year she directs the bilingual production Kukunor for deaf and hearing actors and public. In 2016 Action Zoo humain invited her to join their artistic team. Together they prepare ‘Amnesty’. She is writing and preparing new concepts of documentary on society and global issues.

Obstacle from Finald
Synopsis:“Distance is not an obstacle, it’s just a speed bump.” Jenni and Tuukka have chatted on the web and decide to meet each other live in Turku, Tuukka’s hometown. To avoid prejudices they have just ‘forgotten’ to tell each other the whole truth about themselves: Jenni, ‘slightly nearsighted’, is actually visually impaired and Tuukka, ‘a bit slow to move’, is in wheelchair. It’s a long winding road to a date, filled with obstacles such as their own behaviour patterns and concerned passers-by.Pirjo Ojala is an award-winning director & screenwriter based in Finland. She works both in fiction and documentary. Ojala’s screenplay Women on the Way won the best feature screenplay award at Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, USA in 2013. She is currently working on her first feature-length documentary Burning Voices about acid burn survivors. Ojala graduated with the MA in film screenwriting from The University of Salford, UK in 2009.

WaltzWaltz has been screened in all continents in over 30 festivals. The plot is simple; Risto dreams to be a dancer and he is. In the film and in his life!

Risto Long – the first professional dancer of Finland who has proved on own example possibility of easy and easy movement in a wheelchair. The secret of its success is simple – in Risto’s dance expresses dreams and desires, love to life and independence of movement of the person in a wheelchair.Long manages not only to dance – he speaks at many public actions and meetings, has been chosen as the candidate for work in Municipal Council, actively fights for the rights of disabled people and distribution of information on talented people against other possibilities.

On These Wheels- a monologue
“On these wheels” is a monologue based on real incidents in the life of Pekka Heikkinen, artistic license notwithstanding. It tells the story of a man beaten down by life, of a paralyzed actor returning to the theatrical field after years of absence. Although he has not faced an audience from the stage for 15 years, he has been performing the whole time – non-stop, for everyone, including himself. His passion for theatre drives him back onstage. A flight from pain and a break from lurking bitterness has begun. Perseverance and a lust for life are roused in the protagonist.The performance is of a comical and affirmative nature, yet not forgetting the cruel side of life. The scope of the multi-level performance extends from poetry and singing to raw and fiery dialogue with God, among others. He barges through fear and shame, all the while answering all sorts of questions people tend to pose to a paralyzed man.
Meet Eero EnqvistEero Enqvist is a multi-talented artist who has made over a hundred and fifty theater roles. In addition to act in theater, TV productions and films, he has also directed numerous performances for poetry, theater, deaf theater and bilingual theatre. He is a passionate writer, who wants to go deeper to human soul.Eero’s first vocational qualification is a sign language interpreter, which gives him a special status at the heart of the Finnish sign language community and culture.
Traditions from KoreaKim Misook and Kim Sohee will perform the special Korean songs and traditional movements titled ‘Missing Mother’, in the format of Korean Myth, which specially calls back the Mother’s spirit who passed away with lots of regrets in her life time. The spirit can not go to the heaven before talking with her family. So the performers calls the spirit to make her talk to family.


Ambassador of Friendship Petri Virolainen from FinlandPetri Virolainen is Ambassador of Friendship by his own will. His mission is to tour and to meet people talking about friendship and loneliness and sharing his own story of life, how after years of loneliness he became the Ambassdor of Friendship.

Petri Virolainen drives his bike thousands of kilometers a year to meet persons with disabilities living in supported housing units to avoid loneliness between them.

Petri Virolainen is working in a project “Nobody should be left alone” run by The Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability.

The Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability develops and produces services all over Finland. Our aim is to find individual solutions and to create high-quality services to support people with intellectual disabilities or special support needs and their families.