The first step:
an accessible mind

Can you imagine a world in which every country, city, and establishment is accessible for everyone? We can too, but before we get there we need to change our mindset, and that means changing the way we look at accessibility.

Our mission is to build a society that benefits everyone, no matter what their surroundings are like. ACCAC makes the world accessible for everyone by offering a variety of services and opportunities to businesses, event organisers, and artists around the world.


Our mission is to

Make the world more accessible for everyone

Disseminate information

Develop international co-operation

Promote the expression of views through art and culture

Bridge the gap between the non-disabled and disabled

Encourage the exchange of art training internationally

:Our mission is to build a society that benefits everyone, no matter what their premises are. ACCAC makes the world accessible for everyone by offering a variety of services and opportunities to businesses, event organisers, and artists around the world.

Growth Centres

  • ACCAC Korea & Asia

  • Mr. Choi Seungwon
  • President
  • Phone: +82 10 9080 6109 (KR)
  • Email:
  • ACCAC Morocco

  • Mrs. Aznague Ayat
  • President
  • Phone: +212 6 69 69 21 83 (MA)
  • Email:
  • ACCAC Egypt

  • Mr. Mohamed A Kareem
  • President
  • Phone: 00201021541270 (EG)
  • Email:


Accessible Arts and Culture Association (ACCAC) was founded in 2011 to carry out international performance and training exchanges, and to actively build a network around accessibility. ACCAC movement was established by the co-founder of ACCAC Global, Kirsi Mustalahti.

The activities quickly expanded from artistic activities to include development of well-being, international event cooperation, producing quality services, and implementing equality.

ACCAC’s mission has been to promote and increase awareness of the fact that services are not equal for everyone. ACCAC also believed there was a need for an event where people could meet, network and discuss these matters on a global basis. Kirsi Mustalahti, working with event producers and entrepreneurs Sasu Paakkunainen and Sami Kovalainen, founded ACCAC Global in its present form.

In Finland, the Accessible Arts and Culture Association continues its work as ACCAC Finland. The guiding principle behind all activities is to concretely help events, cultural service providers, organisations, theaters, and companies to improve their accessibility and to reach new audiences and participants.

The association wants to improve accessibility in the Finnish culture and events field and to promote equal participation in cultural events for all people.

Kirsi Mustalahti at ACCAC Nepal Congress and Culture 2018

The Accessible Arts and Culture association was founded in Tampere, Finland in 2011. Accessible Arts and Culture promotes international performance and training exchanges and works to build a national and international network. The central task of the association is to promote work opportunities for artists with disabilities and possibilities for cooperation and internationalization’

Kirsi Mustalahti’s personal mission is to develop international cooperation, diversity and accessible services through culture and art. Her jourey began over ten years ago when she realized that human mind, combined with a lack of knowledge, is the biggest disability that she could imagine.

She started to talk about the possibilities to use culture and art as a tool for making world better for everyone and disseminate information on how to develop cooperation and better services for everyone.


ACCAC Global team

  • Kirsi Mustalahti

  • ACCAC network, projects and media
  • Founder
  • Phone: +358-45-8557115 (FIN)
  • Email:
  • Skype: kirsi.mustalahti

  • Sasu Paakkunainen

  • Administration and business development
  • Co-founder & CEO
  • Phone: +358-456925295 (FIN)
  • Email:
  • Skype: sasu.paakkunainen

  • Sami Kovalainen

  • ACCAC brand, services and partnerships
  • Co-founder & COO
  • Phone: +358-40-7602018 (FIN)
  • Email:
  • Skype: sami.kovalainen

  • Tony Kim Taewon

  • Growing countries and events
  • Consultant
  • Phone: +82 10 8211 3032 (KR)
  • Email:

MaHa Jodi at ACCAC Nepal

MaHa (Nepali: मह जोडी) is the acronym of the comedy duo of Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya of Nepal in Devanagari script. The duo represents the pinnacle of comedy in Nepal.Their style is focussed on creating awareness through laughter. They have also been involved in creating social activities and political freedom movements. They have created lots of teleserials and various patriotic movies which are among the greatest hits in Nepalese TV and Movie industry.

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